2003 Toyota Camry • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic •

How do you adjust the sunroof on a 2003 Toyota Camry? It is raised at the rear when closed.
DeWayne Rhudy
March 19, 2011.

There is no mention of any adjustments on Mitchel 1 database, you will have to test the switch with the operation check chart below.

Mar 20, 2011.
I don't understand your answer and it may not be correct anyway. Is is possible there is an alignment adjustment? Used to be when closed the sunroof was flush with the metal (outside of the roof). I noticed recently that when the sunroof is closed that it is slightly raised at the rear. Wind noise has increased and water comes in when I go through the car wash. Other than that it operates fine.

DeWayne Rhudy
Mar 26, 2011.