2003 Skoda Fabia • FWD Manual • 50,000 miles

Hello, I have a small 1.2 skoda fabia 2003 low milage, recently I lost power and sounded more like a 2-stroke engine. Taken to garage, who ran diagnostics and came up with having a missfire in no.3 which means one of the valves wasnt firing. He changed the coil pack and it worked fine for the day. Now its happened again (was still at garage) and each day it progressed to get worse and worse to the point were the car wont start anymore. Compression test shows perfect compression. New coil pack. Was backfiring quite a bit.

any suggestions?
January 8, 2011.

Have the computer checked for fault codes again they possibly have the plug wires connected wrong?

Dave H
Jan 15, 2011.
Have checked ecu, showing now faults. It had faults showing missfire before but since replacing coil and flashing error codes none showed up afterwards. Could the timing belt (actually a chain) have got shaken out of timing during the rough ideal?

Jan 15, 2011.