2003 Saturn Vue • 92,000 miles

The oil is mixing with the coolant.
a compression test shows all cylinders has great compression
we just installed an oil cooler but there is still oil in the anti freeze
and the oil level went down by a quart, we don't see oil shooting into the antifreeze which it was doing originally.

we bought radiator flush, will that dissolve the oil and clean the system?
is there a better way to get rid of the oil?
i was told the V6 is not known to blow gaskets, we got the car with the issue at an auction so there is no way to know if it had overheated.
March 14, 2012.

PoSS.A bad cooler in the radiator

Mar 14, 2012.
It is not losing transmission fluid so the radiator is good
the oil cooler in underneath the intake manifold plate.
It was just replaced 2 days ago, still trying to get he oil out of the cooling system.
I am thinking about putting purple power degreaser through the system, is that a way to dissolve the oil?

Mar 14, 2012.
If u disconnect the upper hose at the radiator. You can use purple. You just keep the radiator full. Every time the thromstate opens refill the radiator. Just keep flushing the sys. With the thermastat opening and closing. When happy its flushed. Just fill with water and drive. Test drive for a week then drain the water and check for signs of oil if ok fill with coolant.

Mar 14, 2012.
If you got oil in the coolant your best bet would be to replace all the hoses the water pump cool bottle etc and back flush the heater core etc.I have dealt with this is issue on the L model and vue saturns. The best thing to flush it is to use a product called eskmo I know I probably spelled it wrong. Its petrolem based coolant flush works awesome we used to use it at the saturn dealer I worked at.

Mar 15, 2012.