2003 Saturn L300 • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 106,000 miles

New idiot light on the dash shows a car with a wrench inside it. What does this warning mean?
Rebecca Murthum
February 7, 2011.

We bought the car used from a dealer but it did not have a manual. We've tried to find the dash display lights on a list, but can't find one online.

Rebecca Murthum
Feb 7, 2011.
Here is the info you need you have to get the car scanned for code's let me know what code's you have.
The SERVICE (Wrench) telltale is turned On by the cluster when it receives a command from the PCM or the BCM. The PCM or BCM will turn the SERVICE (Wrench) telltale On for all non-emission related Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) that require that a telltale be turned On (some DTCs do not turn on a telltale but are stored to aid in diagnosis).

The SERVICE (Wrench) telltale will also be turned On if the ABS control module has detected a fault in its own warning indicator system. If the ABS system cannot turn on its own telltale, a message will be sent to the BCM through the Key Word 2000 data bus to turn on the SERVICE (Wrench) telltale.

The SERVICE (Wrench) telltale will be turned On by the cluster for 2-3 seconds, when the ignition is turned to RUN, for a visual system check.

Feb 7, 2011.