2003 Saturn L300 • 106,000 miles

2003 saturn l-series l300.I replaced throttle body and was still getting reduced power and started blowing controls b 10 amp fues when key was on so I traced it to the ecm/pcm. Replaced it and then did the passlock relearn and now when I start it the rpms go straight to 4000-4500 and dont go below 3500

November 5, 2012.

Did you ever perform a throttle body idle relearn?Also did you check for vacuum leaks?

Nov 5, 2012.
If you replaced the ECM and it idles at 3500-4000 RPM, the most likely problem is that the throttle body is not able to re-learn. The most common problem is that the APP, (accelerator position sensor), is above 14%. The throttle body will not learn if the APP senor is above 14%! When you turn the key on engine off during the throttle position re-learn, you will notice that the first second it will click, then after 29 seconds it will click again and finally it will click again after 1 min. Before you try and attempt a throttle re-learn, make sure your scanner says that your throttle is closed, with a "YES" value for idle.

Jan 17, 2014.