2003 Saturn Ion • 186,000 miles

In severe cold weather my car will not start. I put key in ignition but it will not turn over. I try it every 5 or so minutes and it still no start. But then I will try again and it starts right up. What is the problem?
January 24, 2013.

Is the security light on when it won't start? Most likely you have a bad ignition switch really common on that car with those symptoms.I replaced a ton of switches on those cars for that issue. If you have your body Control module computer scanned for codes and have a B2960/and or a B3033 then you have a bad ignition switch.A diyer scan like the auto parts store uses to read codes can't read body control module codes. The switches are under 30 on amazon and easy to install you just have to relearn the pass lock sensor.

Jan 24, 2013.