2003 Pontiac Montana • 161,000 miles

After van warms up car will not decelerate when gas pedal is released. It mimics cruise control. You can brake it slowwer but van will remain at reduced speed again like cruise control is engaged. I tryed acelerating and that seemed to disengage the throttle but I was unable to repeat that as the acelerator did not malfunction after that point. The van is driven by my wife who reported the problem to me 2 days ago. I didn't take it that seriously but now realize the van is unsafe. The throttle is working normally other than this problem. It doesn't stick and is smooth. When problem is experienced engine RPMs are steadyand speed is constant. I did some research and the are some parts in the engine idle system (TPS, ECM) but no specific reports of this phenomina. Anyone out there with experience with this I need help.
January 19, 2013.

If it is cable controlled, either the throttle body is sticking or the cable is bad.

If it is fly by wire then the throttle body has to be replaced.


Jan 19, 2013.