2003 Nissan Altima • 170,000 miles

My Engine Burns Oil semi fast, Has a very loud sound. Sounds like maybe the Catalytic Converter or some part of the Exhaust system has a hole but the sound comes from the Engine compartment. Some times it smells like burning oil, sometimes it smells like antifreeze, and others it smells like exhast. All those smells I get in the drivers seat while driving. Since the sound has started Power has dropped significantly and the more I accelarate the worse the sound. I keep oil in it at a large cost to me. I recently had to refill my Antifreeze as my car was begining to over heat while I was idle
February 7, 2013.

If you need to fill in coolant all the time, either there is a, leak or the cylinder head gasket is bad and you need to find out the cause.

Consumption of engine oil means nad valcve seals and/or piston rings. If the exhaust is smoking badly during idling, the peoblem is more likey to be valve seals,

We do not know the type of noise and where it is coming from so no comments.

Feb 7, 2013.