2003 Mitsubishi Diamante • 80,000 miles

I, too, have had problems w/my '03 Mitsubishi Diamante. After it stopped accelerating properly, having a sensor replaced, and eventually having difficulty starting, it was diagnosed as needed a new transmission from the codes it threw. So I bought a rebuilt and those problems corrected, except for the starting issue. Now the radio won't work, the back seat internal lights don't come on (that has been a long-standing problem that I just chose to ignore), half of the lights on the air conditioner don't light up at night, and the TCL light comes on and off at whim which also seems to have a bearing on whether or not it will start easily when I drive it the next time. Anyone know what this problem could be? The fuses to the radio have been tested twice and are fine.
October 20, 2012.

Are there any trouble codes?

Oct 20, 2012.