CODE P1285

2003 Mazda b2300 • 287,944 miles

Hi, We remove the engine Mazda B2300, 2003, 2.3, We rebuilt
and 7 days later the light engine is on. We use a scan tools and
the result is CODE P1285 AND SECOND CODE P1450. None books tell me how to repair. PLEASE HOW TO REPAIR. THANK YOU.
Jose Rivera
February 3, 2012.

P1285 Cylinder head temperature sensor

P1450 EVAP Control System Fault

Feb 3, 2012.
Thank for your help. We know the code, We want know how to repair or check.

Jose Rivera
Feb 5, 2012.
Check the sensor resistances/voltages, wiring for open/short and also check the computer

Feb 5, 2012.