2003 Jaguar Vanden Plas • 60,000 miles

The door courtesy lamps do not light when door is opened dome lights work as supposed to when door is opened courtesy lamp bulbs are all good I have asked this question before christmas and sent donation no answer yetjagman104@yahoo. Com
December 28, 2012.

Ok i've been given this there are fuses under both heel panels in rear which i've sent a pic see if those are burnt out and there is a fuse in right rear of trunk that controlsone of the lights as well. If it is not that there are three modules that control the lights, one in each door and one under center of dash. They need to be scanned to see if there is some problem there. I've attached adrawing of where fuses in car are to look for and which ones. The one in trunk should be easy enough to find. This cold also be a broken wire or check the ground wire as well I lthink that is in pic too.

Jan 7, 2013.