2003 Honda Accord • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 320,000 miles

How to remove and replace an alternator on 2003 honda accord v6
February 20, 2011.

Alternator Replacement

Make sure you have the anti-theft code for the radio, and the navigation system, then write down the frequencies for the radio's preset buttons.
Disconnect the negative cable from the battery, then disconnect the positive cable.

Disconnect the fan motor connector (A) and compressor clutch connector (B), then remove the reserve tank (C).
Remove the two bolts (D), and loosen a bolt (E), then remove the condenser fan shroud.
Remove the drive belt.

Disconnect the alternator connector (A) and BLK wire (B) from the alternator.
Remove the bolt (C) securing the harness holder.

Remove the mounting bolt (A) and alternator bracket mounting bolt (B), then remove the alternator.
Install the alternator and drive belt in the reverse order of removal.
Connect the positive cable and negative cable to the battery.
Enter the anti-theft codes for the radio and the navigation system, then enter the customer's radio station preset. Set the clock.
Perform the power window control unit reset procedure.

Feb 20, 2011.
Thank You so very much! God Bless You

Feb 20, 2011.
This was very helpful with the alternator replacement on my 2003 V6 Accord. Only tip that I would add is to remove the top bracket (black) that the alternator screws into. Also, I had to hit it with a mallet from the right side to get it to come out as there was some sort of steel sleeve holding the other one in. I loosened it with wd40.

Sep 21, 2015.