2003 Ford Taurus • 72,000 miles

When I push the button, the fluid sprays but only reaches the bottom of the windshield on both sprayers. I have replaced the pump and blew out the lines. I also replaced part of the line that was leaking due to heat. The wipers do not catch the fluid to spread it on the windshield, it squirts to low. It does not seem to be a strong stream.
October 9, 2011.

The first thing you need to check is that the pump is pumping enough fluid. Since you just replaced it it should be fine, but I would check to be sure. A good way to do this is to disconnect the hoses that go to the spray nozzles on the hood, then press the button to spray and see how will it comes out. If it is slow then you have a problem either in the lines or the motor.
If is sprays good then you have a problem somewhere in the nozzles themselves.

Oct 9, 2011.
The pump could be weak though its new also could be a voltage drop problem to the pump-check it

Oct 9, 2011.
Check the nozzle for clogging. Quite often they are clogged by car wax.

Oct 9, 2011.