2003 Ford Mondeo • 140,000 miles

Hi, please help, have a problem with my ford, about a week ago was driving on a12 as soon as I drop speed up to 20 miles a hour and lower I start hearing front of side wheel knoknig noise, sound like peace of timber stuck beetween caliper and alloy wheel, and ABS sensor is on. I thouth is cv joint but its not, tried to turn steering to one side and drive no noise. And when I start engine light is not on but I soon as I start braking looks like abs is always on and after that light come on. What is funny that that noise is not ofently is only once or twice a day for aprox 10 min. Im a mini cab driver so im driving 10 hours a day.
January 3, 2013.

The first thing to do is get the trouble codes pulled. You may have a bad ABS controller that is modulating or the steering angle sensor is bad.