2003 Ford Focus • 2.3L 4 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 70,000 miles

I want to ask another question about my idle problem, it does't stall never has, just cuts out at idle, when ac or defroster is on is worse, something is not bumping idle up, that is how this started I have been putting it off because it does't stall or die, but now it getting kinda close to summer I want to be able to run my ac without engine cutting out, now my question is if the idle air control was bad or sticking would it make the engine die all the time?Could it be it is just not bumping it up because being stuck?
Randy sharp
February 17, 2014.


Ok, if you engine light is not on then the IAC is not Bad, it is most likely clogged and stuck in one position or is only moving very slightly. The IAC only controls the the throttle at idle the engine has to get air some how and the IAC it is so while driving won't have any symptoms do to the butterfly being open letting the air in. Now at idle when you turn the A/C and/or heat etc. The IAC has to let air in do to the increase in power needed so if the IAC is stuck in position then of course won't let air in so engine stalls out.

So, my suggestion is to remove and clean the IAC and port reinstall and see if still stalls out when adding the extra load of the A/C and all.

Feb 17, 2014.