2003 Ford Focus • 65,000 miles

I have 2003 ford focus 2.3 litre and I have been working on this putting a belt tensioner, well today I went out to start it put I had the key I use for opening doors it is not the coded key so it would not start, so I started cleaning the battery terminals took them off cleaned the posts, when I tried putting them back on well I did have the positive post on when I tried to put the negative on the horn started honking and the parking lights flashed, now I am not sure if is a factory alarm or a after market, the horn honks and the parking lights flash, and I do not have the remote for it I tried resetting it for a factory installled but it did not work. I really do not know how to tell if it a after market or a factory, can you possibly tell what I have?
Randy sharp
January 22, 2013.

No cause we can't see it

Jan 22, 2013.