2003 Dodge Intrepid • 88,000 miles

The car is over heating and smoking around the top of the engine block also large amounts of smoke is coming from the tail pipe. Also the car will accelerate then wont accelerate. Also when I fill up with coolant it comes out the bottom when I drive.
March 22, 2013.

What color is the smoke from the exhaust? Can you see where the coolant is leaking from?

Not sure what the color of the smoke is my wife saw it not I and the coolant was leaking from the thermostat area and some other location I havent been able to locate yet

Mar 22, 2013.
It could be the thermostat housing leaking or a temp sending unit. You need to dry things off and get yourself a pressure tester for the cooling system. Many parts stores will lend them to you. All you do is when the engine is cold, attach the tester (which is nothing more than a pump) to the radiator and pressurize the system. At that point, the leak should show up. If you clean the area prior to doing this, it makes it much easier.

As far as the smoke, I need to know what color it was, blue, black, white. If it was white, chances are you have a bad head gasket.

Let me know.