2003 Citroen C5 • 183,000 miles

Hi had a problem crop up the speedo stopped working the yellow abs light along with the handbrake/fluid and the red stop light have come on
just before this on MOT the brakes showed out of balance put in a new set of pads, found the caliper cylinders had become stiff, worked in some copper grease pumping them in and out a few times a ok for mot parked it up next day the above listed happened since that have put in a new pair of wheel speed sensors which have not helped
A chap put it on his launch x431 all he could say is it was a switch somewhere but did not know where
any assistance would be most helpfully thank you
Harrys hat
March 29, 2013.

One of the wheel speed sensors for the abs is the sensor for speedometer as well. Have a shop read the code for the failed sensor and track down the failure


Apr 21, 2013.