2003 Chevrolet Malibu

Geting code p0118 saying Coolant Temperature Circuit High Input
put in new Coolant Temperature sensor and new plug connecter still same checked for votes at plug got 4.95 votes tryed 2 new Coolant Temperature sensor and new connector also looked at all wires under the hood all wires look good seems to have ground and the 4.95 votes to sensor car just wont stay idling hard to start keep geting code p0118 also got code n/a and p0107 today wich the p0107 is low MAP sensor signal circuit so I tryed a new map sensor still not do the trick I also see both cooling fans come on soon as turn the key to on but fans seem to be turning at lower power not as fast turning dont think Temperature gage is working eather the code reader I used dont have data part on it its just cheap one
March 10, 2013.

Did you do what I asked with getting someone with a scan tool to monitor the actual voltage?


Mar 10, 2013.
I couldnt find some one with scan tool that monitor might have take it in to shop every one talked to has cheap one that dont monitor but thank u for the help

Mar 10, 2013.