2003 Chevrolet Blazer

I currently have p235/75r15 sized tires on my car with the stock 15inch rims. I want to get bigger and wider tires to go along with a two inch lift kit I will be buying. Before I buy tires I want to know if any tire I buy will fit the stock rims as long as they are for 15inch rims? Also will a LT tire fit as well? For example size LT31X10.5R15?
September 23, 2013.

I hope you realize that you are going to cause some serious problems attempting to do that to a S10 Blazer. You are going to cause problems with the brakes, especially the ABS and the transmission. You already have a truck that give terrible fuel mileage and it's going to get much worse. (For as long as the transmission lasts)

Sep 23, 2013.