2003 Alfa Romeo 156 • 120,000 miles

Hi, I have an Alfa Romeo 156 GTA 3.2 V6 could a leaking fuel line be confused to be a faulty RPM sensor?
March 23, 2013.

I doubt it, the fuel line if leaking will be quite obvious, fix this first, then engine speed sensor.

Mar 23, 2013.
The reason I am asking is I took my Alfa Romeo in to the dealers as she was having a problem starting when
she was hot and her idle was high and if I was travelling she would just cut out and I would have to wait until she cooled before I could start her again, and she was due for a service. The next day they gave me a call and told
me that the alternator was faulty, so they replaced that, but the car was still not running as she should. They said. After three weeks they called me and said that the RPM sensor was faulty, which they also replaced, when I got my car back and paid a whopping R 16 000.00 she still was not running as smoothly as
she always did, it felt as though she was drowning when pulling off, her idle was still high etc, etc. I phoned the Dealer who said they test drove the car before returning it to me and that she ran like a dream.

Three days after speaking to the dealer I stopped at a local restaurant to have breakfast, when returning to the car I could smell petrol and as I turned the engine she burst into flames.

When I spoke to the Dealer and asked if the RPM sensor could be confused with a burst in the fuel pipes/line, his response was NO!

But they both (RPM sensor and cracked fuel line) give the same results on a car of am I wrong?

BUT I was wondering if it was not a small burst in the fuel line all along, that ultimately got worse, and never the RMP sensor?

Mar 26, 2013.
Would have been the fuel line I feel

Mar 26, 2013.