2002 Volvo S40 • 115 miles

2002 Volvo S40 1.9 DOHC Turbo, 115k mi. Vehicle was bought with a crank / no start condition. Previous owner states vehicle overheated and has sat since. On visual inspection, no obvious evidence of leaks or faulty hoses. System was refilled, still no obvious leaks. There is spark at all 4 cylinders, fuel pressure is 40-45 psi at the rail with KOEO. Dry compression test, in order is 135/130/120/130. There is evidence of some coolant pooling on top of piston #4. Codes present were P0236/P0237/P0107. Both MAP sensors where removed and cleaned and only code left is P0107.

Some strange things I noticed was that if holding pedal down during crank, car would sometimes start. Also extreme pressure at coolant reservoir tank when cap off after start attempts. The fan seems to start right away even though vehicle never started or even got up to a temp. First Volvo I ever worked on or owned, so any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
July 4, 2012.

Will it run when u spray starting fluid in the intake?

Jul 4, 2012.
Nope, tried it with the starting fluid, no go.

Jul 9, 2012.
When cranking over and wont start have you removed the plugs to see if they are wet with gas? If it is, that is why it wont start with the starting fluid since it is already flooded and wet plugs will not fire up. Dry the plugs and inside the spark plug holes with compress air. I would suspect a faulty ECT sensor. If that is the case replace sensor and have the ECM reprogrammed. Good luck to you and hope these helps.

Jul 15, 2012.
Ck. That u have spark. Also

Jul 17, 2012.