2002 Volkswagen Passat • 142,600 miles

Well I got some conserns about my car, I just bouthg this vw 2002, and I just notice that the car has some vibrations problems, for example when I start the car, it starts perfect and sounds good as it is, but when I get it in direct the car start making some vibrations. What does it may be?
March 26, 2013.

What engine do you have? A common problem on your vehicle is engine mounts. The are hydraulic and over-time they look out oil and eventually can cause harsh vibrations.

If you vehicle is TDI, you should check your alternator one-way pulley.

Mar 27, 2013.
I agree with F41_guy on the mounts. I own this exact vehicle and my doors would vibrate with the engine during stops (nothing too loud but noticable) and would then ease on take off, same would happen as backing up or changing gears for the shaking. Quoted by two mechanics, both said "motor mount" but one said to just replace the Front rather than all 4 which is costly of course. Helped quite a bit, now when I reverse there isn't a hesitation shake or vibration. Always spend the time on one import mechanic, get the info and start back in the forum/call around for other opinions when you get an answer.

Mar 29, 2013.