2002 Toyota Corolla • 4 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 270 miles

My car has about two hundred seventy thousand miles, and in the past year it has been basically dumping oil out, while parked as well as driving I can go trough a five quart jug a week, I changed the valve cover gasket a few months ago, but it is still pouring it out it is mostly focused on the front of the engine where the pulleys are and underneath will be covered in oil when I drive it, this is my only car please help. Thank you
January 10, 2014.

First thing you do is go to a quarter car wash and wash theengine, preferably using gunk first prior to washing it. If it leaks that bad then check seals and gaskets an doil pressure switch i'vepointed out where to check in pic. Of cours seals you can't see but you may see quite a bit of oil around where they are.

Jan 11, 2014.