2002 Suzuki Esteem • 220,000 miles

Ok here is the low down I will gladly donate I promis. If I can get a soluation, my wife drives this car for a living and it has been a great. But last week the radio started to blink SYS and then would shut off and then clock and pre-sets would reset, but drove just fine, after a week the Battery light came on and then on the way to geat it tested it completly died on me, so I replaced the battery which was under warrenty put in feb of 2011, now new then tested the system and the alternator was bad, which I installed in june of 2012, so I came home and changed out the alternator and to day it ran great but by the end of the day the radio was displaying SYS again. What should I do the only thing I can think of would be to replace the terminals on the post of the battery. But I did clean them up real good tho. What do you think?
December 28, 2012.

What is the voltage at the battery with the engine running?

New or used alternator


Dec 28, 2012.