2002 Suzuki Aerio • 167,000 miles

My car is a suzuki aerio model 2002 wagon. In the morning when the engine is cool, the car runs perfectly. On attaining Engine running temperature, the car starts to jack and and flashes the engine light and back fire softly (no loud exhaust report). Then gradually the engine stops. When I try to crank, the vehicle does not start. I wait for the engine to cool off for 10 minutes and it starts again and moves for about 5 kilometers and stalls again.
I suspected overheating and unplugged the temperature sensor socket. I only remove the socket after the engine running temperature is attained. This causes the fuel consumption to almost double and the engine looses power/ torque.
The engine coolant level is on max and temperature gauge has never gone beyond the half mark.
Could it be the ECU?
Could the engine be overheating?
what is the problem?
what is the remedy?
March 30, 2013.

When this happens is there a check engine light? If so, take the car to a local parts store and they can check the code for free.

Apr 1, 2013.