2002 Suzuki Aerio • 129,000 miles

I have a 2002 Suzuki aerio. 1st it has a drip on a clamp on a radiator & I need to put antifreeze in it. I started to hear a unfamiler noise under the hood. I noticed I haven’t used as much antifreeze since I started hearing the noise. The belt is moving, but I think a pully isn’t. Then the car started smoking, I pulled over to see, everything looked ok. But then it started shaking & more smoke. Shut the car off, then started it and the belt was off or broke. What could have happened? How can I find out if maybe the waterpump went back and caused all this? PLEASE any help ! Thanks

January 28, 2012.

If the water pump is ok you shold be able to turn it by hand if thereis a pulley on it. If not a pro can tell very quickly with coolant in it. The belt may have broke due to mileage and or a bad tensioner pulley. Have a pro look at it.

Jan 28, 2012.
Thanks !

Jan 28, 2012.