2002 Subaru Forester • 62,000 miles

When I went for inspection a month ago, subaru dealer told me, I have head gasket leak and he told me he added a little anti freeze to the car, but I didnt see any leackage in my parking lot I park the same spot all the time, since he told me I keep checking the level its the same normal level, even since he told me that I drove my car 500 miles, I opened the oil cup I didnt see any white stuff, I checked the oil its clean, I didnt see any white smoke in the exhaust only in the cold weather in the morning like any other cars do for like a minute, and they told me the repair cost is 1550 dollars, and the car doesnt over heat, its normal temp gauge, I am confuse can you give me advise
February 28, 2013.

It could be an external leak and may not be much now but will in the future

if you dont believe him, get a second opinion


Feb 28, 2013.