2002 Saturn SL1 • 4 cylinder Automatic • 205,000 miles

Early yesterday morning I turned on my wipers in order to clean the windshield and noticed they were going very slowly. Several hours later I turned them on again for the same reason and they went up (slowly) to the other side and stopped. They will not return to the down position. I've tried all the different speeds available, but they just stay put. I manually forced them back to the down position and turned the wipers on again, only to have the same thing happen again. They move very slowly to the up position and simply stop.
Is this a problem with the motor, or is it something else? How do I get the blades back down without forcing them? And how do I fix this problem entirely?
August 1, 2011.

The first thing I would do is see if rhe 13mm nuts were loose at the shafts that is the most likely cause.

Aug 1, 2011.
I know many people with same problem and I have fixed the problem for some of them. I don't know about the loose nuts but in my case the motors were dirty after cleaning the people got about anoughter 3 months out of them. Hope this helps

Jan 18, 2013.