2002 Pontiac Montana • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 140,000 miles

How do you replace the alternator in a 2002 pontiac montana? Cannot get it out!
January 1, 2011.

These are the steps for removing the alternator. If you have disconnected and removed all of the following, you may have to just work it a little bit to remove it.
# Remove or disconnect the following: Negative battery cable

Wiper system module cover

Fuel injector sight shield

# Rotate the engine forward.

# Remove or disconnect the following: NOTE
Do not disconnect the power steering pipes from the pump

Alternator terminal nut, lead and electrical connector

Serpentine belt

Front bolts and two rear bolts

Alternator from the bracket

Serpentine belt tensioner


Power steering pipes from the retainer

Fuel pressure test port cap from the injector rail

Power steering pump and reposition it to gain access to the alternator


Feb 20, 2011.