2002 Pontiac Grand Am • 192,000 miles

So I drove my car somewhere this morning and came home to get ready for work. I went to leave to turn my key over to start my car and it wouldn't start or make any kind of noise but my battery has plenty of juice Would this be my starter?
July 19, 2013.

You have to be sure the battery has a full charge? If the battery is down, you can't do any testing. Make sure all battery wiring is good--clean and tight.

Can you read a wiring diagram? The diagram is for grandam se 2.2L engine, starter circuit. The starter s tewrminal, purple wire goes hot with the key in the crank position. Any testing at the starter, make sure tranny is in park or neutral and the parking brake is set. Have helper turn key to crank while you check for voltage at the starter S terminal. If no voltage, check the neutral switch or clutch switch, depending on your tranny. Note the fuse in the circuit that sends cranking voltage to ignition switch.

Jul 19, 2013.
Again, if your battery doesn't have a full charge, we're just spinning our wheels.

Jul 19, 2013.