02 CODE P0336

2002 Pontiac Bonneville • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 140,000 miles

Do you have a diagram that shows where the crankshaft positions sensors, powertrain control module and reluctor rings are located? And how to replace them?

August 21, 2011.

The CPS is On front of engine, behind crank pulley. And the reluctor is behind it int he engine-the PCM is in the air cleaner housing

Sep 5, 2011.
Clean the connector first on the crank sensor. They can get pretty dirty. The connecter is designed to protect from this - but can be damaged by crank damper itself. Make sure there are no damaged or broken wires. When you reconnect position the wire so it is as far away from the crank as possible to prevent damage from moving parts

Oct 2, 2011.