2002 Nissan Frontier • 236,000 miles

I did a complete tuneup (everything) cleaned throtle body, fuel system service, truck ran great last night. Today runs rough at idle even stalls no codes. I have hooked up a scanner and all values look good. The truck has black plugs and black smoke. I have check fp, inj pulse, ect, tps, you name it I check it. I had no black smoke after work was done untill next day.
Robert 17
September 20, 2011.

I guess this? Is to hard for an answer!

Robert 17
Sep 21, 2011.
It is a tough question. I read your post. Have you checked the EGR? Have you checked for vacuum leak issues? Are the O2 sensors within range? I also was going to question the temp sensor. I question the EGR because the PCM uses info from 7 different sensors to set EGR. As I believe you know, the EGR only is to allow a very small amount of exhaust gas at idle. It's a thought. I also need to know engine size.

Are all plugs black?

Yes this is a hard? I have check the egr and seems to be working ok. The plugs are all black. Sorry for not posting the engine size 2.4. I do know about the egr ports. The dealer here dose not want to work on it. I have check the tps with dvm and the ect. I cant believe it went 236000 and was never tuneup, never had a ff nothing. The oem plugs that came out were a little black and had about.100 gap wasted! I am still tring to fix it, So any help would be greatful. I have pulled the vaccum line of the fp reg. And was dry and the fp was 31 at idle and no vaccum 43. I am at a loss with this one, have tried alot. I did order a mass air flow as nobody even has one in stock. Try that maybe get lucky.

Robert 17
Sep 22, 2011.
Did the MAF solve the problem?

Dec 16, 2011.