2002 Kia Rio • 107,800 miles

My battery died the last night and I jumped it the next morning. I got to work and when I was going to leave I had to jump it again. Me and my uncle went buy a new battery and it was fine I get half way home and I put my brights on. My car did a little jump thing and I turned them off and then turned them back on. I get down the road and my seatbelt light turns on when I have my seatbelt on. I noticed also my lights starting to dim I turned my emercency lights on and got half way off the road before my car completely died. We jumped my car several times and it would last only 5 minutes. What could it be?
October 29, 2012.

Have the charging system checked out-alternator could be on its way out-

Oct 29, 2012.