2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee • 159,000 miles

I took my 2002 grand Cherokee to the dealership to get my pressure grovonor sensor changed and upon them taking my pan off and everything for my transmission I was told the inside of my transmission is falling apart and that my 1st gear is missing my jeep drives perfectly fine but after taking it out the shop when my car is in drive my reverse lights are on the only time they go off is if I put it in between drive n 2nd gear and when its in park or neutral. It was not like that before and when I asked the dealership they told me it was because my tranny is falling apart inside and that my 1st gear is missing and the band is broken but yet again it drives perfectly fine and it was not like that before I took it to them also they sent me a picture of the bottom of my transmission and every mechanic I should it to says it doesn't look like a transmission.
April 5, 2013.

Get a second opinion from aan independent trans guy your shifter mayb e out of adjustment also make a complaint to Chrysler

Apr 5, 2013.