2002 Jaguar S-Type • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 120 miles

02 jag s type no heat. Blows cold air only.
January 7, 2011.

A few questions to see if I can be of help; Does the blower motor blow air through the vents?
Has the Anti-Freeze been serviced?

Is 120 miles correct for the mileage?
If the car has sat for a while without having the Anti-Freeze changed, let me know.

I will look for your response and will help to find the source of the problem

Yes, the blower works. The cars has 120,000 miles on it.

Jan 7, 2011.
If the Anti-Freeze has been serviced regularly, then corrosion can be ruled out.
The suspect parts are; Thermostat. If it is stuck open the engine will not reach operating temperature and the heater will not blow warm air.
Heater Control Valve, which is probably electronically controlled in the Jag, this allows the engine coolant to flow through the Heater Core. The Heater Core is a small radiator located under the dash which coolant flows through and the blower fan gets heat from blowing through it.
Lastly, the Mode Control, which is a door that directs air flow from defroster, the main to feet, etc. Could fail and there is a main one that opens and shuts the heater box. However since you feel air, probably not he case.

Check to see if the air is coming out of the correct duct as you change the mode and if you have not serviced the Anti-Freeze, go ahead and do so. While you are do the A/F change the Thermostat as the are much less expensive the the heater actuator Valve and should be changed at a regular interval anyway.

Let me know how that goes and if you have any other questions

Thjere are two rubber hoses going into the fire wall on the passengers side. After the car has been running and has reached normal operating temp. Feel the hoses. One should be warmer than the other. With regular service did that include backflushing the system and replacing all the antifreeze?

Jan 14, 2011.