2002 GMC Sierra

Hello I have a 2002 gmc sierra 4wd 1500 series 4.3l. I just replaced the transmission on it along with the neutral safety switch. The problem I am having is the reverse lights come on when the truck is in park and turn off when it is placed in any other gear. I have switched around the green wires on the neutral safety switch and that has not helped. Do you have a schematic I can take a look at or do you know what the problem might be.
Thank you,
June 20, 2012.

I am giving you the wiring diagram for the backup light circuit.

Do you happen to have a schematic for the neutral safety switch. Do you also happen to know why the truck is doing this?

Jun 20, 2012.
The backup switch circuit is pretty simple and isolated. I would look at the ground and make sure it is a good metal to metal corrosion free fit.
I am attaching the neuatral switch diagram.

I will be happy to donate more money but would you be willing to send a better schematic of the neutral safety switch. When I enlarged it, it was very blurry and I couldn't make out what was what. Do you have a better image? My apologies for my inadequate computer skills.
Thank you!

Jun 22, 2012.
It is not your inadequate computer skills. Sometimes the images just don't come out well and sometimes they are crystal clear. I am sending you a new one using another program that is more complicated, on my end but will be the same for you, and usually puts out better pics. Otherwise, if it comes down to it I can e mail you the pic, that should take care of it.
I actually ended up splitting the diagram into 2 pices as well. 1of2 is the top and 2 of 2 is the bottom.