2002 GMC Envoy • 6 cylinder AWD Automatic •

Key is stuck, battery dead, and try jumping and still won't start
January 13, 2011.

If the key is stuck, try to lubericate the tumbler. As far as the no start, if your battery is completely dead, chances are you will not be able to jump it. Often times the distance of the jumpers cuts down too much power and the vehicle won't crank or will crank too slow. Another thought is this, even if the vehicle does start with jumping and your battery is completely dead, the alt will not keep it running and will not recharge a completely dead battery.

Remove your battery, fully charge it and have it load tested to make sure it is good. Most parts stores will do it for free. After that, it should crank the engine without jumping. Next, get a good lubericant from a parts store and spray it into the key tumbler and try working it to see if it releases the key.