P0014 ON 4.2

2002 GMC Envoy • 18,900 miles

Truck has a 4.2 inline six, eng codes are p0014 and p0300 runs like poop. Dont have a scanner that reads data( my boss in a stingy son of a gun.
December 8, 2011.

Are you sure about the 0014?The 0300 just means that the engine is missing or has missed on more than one cylinder at the same time. Ignition coil failure is very common on these vehicle and that's where I would start.

Dec 8, 2011.
Code P0014 is, Cam Phaser performance and Code P0300 is Engine Misfire Detected.

Okiee dookie, p0014 is actually a malfunction of the cam position actuator solonoid, which is on the passenger side of the block beside the power steering pump

Dec 8, 2011.
Yup, that will throw your timing off.
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