2002 Ford Taurus

I can't Get the belt to line up and stay on ! I bought one put it on. And drove about 10 miles and it stated to come off I peeled I part of it off and drove home some I got another one and can't line it up
October 6, 2013.

What do you mean by "line up"? Do you mean you can't stretch it far enough to fit on all the pulleys or it's peeking out to the side on one of them? If it was fraying on one side, that is due to a pulley that is tipped or turned. You should hear a squeal too because turned pulleys cause the belt to slide across it sideways as it goes around it. This can happen when the generator or power steering pump is replaced and not mounted properly, but most commonly it is due to a tensioner pulley that is worn or an idler pulley with a bad bearing.

Oct 6, 2013.