2002 Ford Mustang • 61,000 miles

2002 Ford Mustang Manual V6 3.8L with 60,000 miles

My car is acting a little funky. I hear a sound similar to water running through pipes. It is fairly consistent and seems to change/die down when I press down the clutch. There is also a squeak in idle that seems to disappear once acceleration is initiated. Thinking its in the clutch/transmission area.

I popped the hood to see what the problem could be if it was inside the engine. It appears that the water pump (top left pulley when facing car) is making a little static noise and smells like burning. No leaks thus far, but it could be on it's way out. Seems like the car has lost a little bit of its power as well.

Besides that, it runs like a charm.

Any ideas?
September 5, 2012.

Could be a throwout bearing in the clutch or the input bearing in the trans. Get a shop to listen to it for you to confirm


The gurgling sound is likely water flow in the heater core. It could have an air pocket or the hoses could on backwards. If the water pump isd bad, you need to replace that first.

Sep 5, 2012.