2002 Ford Focus • 78,000 miles

The Door warning light is on all the time on the dash even when all doors are all closed and when you lock doors remotely indicators don't flash as they did before when light was not on, I've checked all the switches on the door pillars and they seem to be closing and releasing properly do you have any idears on this many thanks
August 27, 2013.

The switches that control the lights for open doors are made right into the door latches and they have a history of sticking and causing problems like that.

Here is a technique that often works well and eliminates the problem at no cost.

Get a can of spray lube like WD40 or something like it and has a straw on the nozzle. Spray it generously up into the latch mechanism. Now open and close the door numerous times to work it in. Repeat this process several times. Since you don't really know which door is causing the problem, you should do all of them. It's usually caused by the most frequently used door but it's not guaranteed to be that one.

Aug 27, 2013.
Thank you wrenchtech I'll try that and see if it does the trick many thanks Y0rkie67

Aug 27, 2013.