2002 Dodge Stratus

Why does my car not move when I press the gas
October 29, 2012.

Put it in "drive".

You've really provided a lot of information to sift through so I'll narrow it down to my best psychic guesses. Broken shifter cable, low transmission fluid level, stuck parking brake, engine not running, brake fluid contaminated with a petroleum product such as engine oil or power steering fluid, flat tire, bolts backed out of the flex plate, cracked torque converter hub, broken input shaft, separated lower ball joint and the half shaft came out of the transmission. All of these have different symptoms and noises. This is assuming you have an automatic transmission. You didn't say. There's even more possibilities with a manual transmission.

Can you provide just a little history or more detail? Do you hear or feel anything? Any warning lights on? What have you checked so far?

Oct 30, 2012.