2002 Dodge Durango • 153,403 miles

My 2002 Durango with the 4.7L sat for about 10 mins after being drove to town. After restart it would barely run and seemed to be missing horribly.I ran the check engine light and got p0202 which said injector 2 circuit fires improperly.I changed the spark plug, cam position sensor, crank position sensor, throttle position sensor, injector, ECM, fuel filter, cleaned throttle body and idle air control valve and put fresh gas in.I also done a resistance test on all 8 injectors which all showed 12.5-12.7 ohms.I ran a fuel pressure test which showed 48 psi.I done an injector noid test on all 8 injectors and they all fire but I went ahead and checked voltage to the injectors and get 14 volts when its running but with engine off and key on I don't get any volts on any injector.I have also pulled the new injector out and swapped it for another fuel injector but it still show cylinder 2. Cylinder 2 has 14 volts running and passes the injector noid test plus it has had 3 different injectors put in that cylinder.I have even moved the coil packs around to see if that would change anything. The durango starts easy when cold and runs better cold but as it runs(5 mins or so) it get worse up until the point it just dies. When warm you must hold it to the floor to start it. PLEASE help.
December 25, 2012.

Start with a compression test in that cylinder


Dec 25, 2012.
I ran a compression test to which showed to be 105-114 on every cylinder.

Dec 27, 2012.