2002 Chrysler Town and Country • 122,000 miles

When I turn the heat on in my van, it smells like gas, WE have had it checked over, and they say no leaks are found anywhere, We noticed today you only smell it when you put the heat on defrost, or the front vents, IF we put the heat on the floor there is no smell what can be causing this?
December 11, 2012.

You have a gas leak somewhere. Go to another shop and have them find it.


Dec 12, 2012.
I happen to own a 2002 T& C 3.8 160,000 miles. I recently experienced gas smell from vent and outside right front of vehicle. I looked everywhere and first thought it came from the plastic fuel line to fuel rail connections, I removed the upper intake to expose injectors but no leaks there either. With no other signs I took a chance and twisted the fuel regulator cap sitting on the fuel rail. (Caution: don't work your fingers in on a hot running vehicle, plus it sits 3" from the coil pack). The next day the fuel smell and visible signs were present; the cap's o-ring was leaking.

Use an led flash light to peek at that area just to the left of coil but remember, if you twist it, you must replace it!

I replaced the fuel rail and all 12 injector o-rings. (I do not recommend aftermarket fuel regulator kits costing $120) because the complete rail (with cap) from the dealer cost $68. The job took under 2 hours but I recommend having a professional perform unless you've done this before. Consult the guide to release fuel pressure, fuel line, handling gas, etc.

Good Luck!
Comm fleet Mgr

Dec 29, 2012.