2002 Chrysler Town and Country • 277,000 miles

The radiator system is leaking. I pour antifreeze into the radiatior and can actually hear it leak out and see it running off the lower hose on the passenger side. Feeling the hoses I can not locate a leak and where the hose connects to the metal parts when I put my hand over that it seems like it leaks faster.
July 18, 2013.

Either the hose is the problem or the side tank on the rad is coming apart (common) and leaking down the side onto the hose. Check that. If you still can't tell, you may want to rent a pump to pressurize the system so you see where the coolant is coming out. They mount where the radiator cap goes.

Hose isnt the problem. And the side tank at the radiator doesnt seem to be the problem either. It seems to be leaking more from closer to the cabin part of the metal piping that the hose is connected to going to the pumps by the serpentine belt.

Jul 18, 2013.
It is possible that the radiator is split there. Check that.