2002 Chevrolet Malibu • 136,000 miles

My car hesitates when you press on the gas and struggles to get up to 30 or 40mph. When going up hills the engine revs and loses power. When the car is parked and you press on the gas the rpms don't go above 3000, My guy friend changed the fuel filter and a check engine light said it was the egr valve, changed that and nothing changed. Added transmission fluid and nothing. Any ideas?
January 17, 2013.

Is the check engine light still on? Is it the same code? Has the fuel pump been tested?

Thanks for the reply. The check engine light is not on. And, the check engine light since this problem started has come off and on. Mostly the check engine light has stayed off and then once in a while it would stay on for a couple of hours or a day or two, then off again. We just put the egr valve in today and no engine light is on. I have not had the fuel pump tested yet.

Since we put the egr valve in this afternoon the same problem I mentioned is still going on. So, wondering where to go from here. Thanks again, Sherrie

Jan 18, 2013.