2002 Cadillac STS • 146,000 miles

Where is the thermostat housing located

March 31, 2013.

Thermostat Replacement

Tools Required

•J38185 Hose Clamp Pliers
Removal Procedure

1. Partially drain the cooling system.
2. Remove the air cleaner assembly.
3. Position the J38185 to the clamp in order to remove the radiator outlet hose from the thermostat housing.

4. Remove the bolts securing the thermostat housing to the water pump inlet.

5. Remove the thermostat and the gasket from the water pump housing.
Installation Procedure

1. Install the thermostat and a new gasket into the water pump housing.
2. Install the thermostat housing.
Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice in Service Precautions.

3. Install the thermostat housing bolts. Tighten the thermostat housing bolts to 10 Nm (89 inch lbs.).
4. Position the J38185 to the clamp in order to connect the radiator outlet hose to the thermostat housing.
5. Install the air cleaner assembly.
6. Fill the cooling system.

Mar 31, 2013.