2002 BMW Other

Hey there im just wondering if you guys know if I can turn off the esp on the BMW 5-serie 520iA 2002? I need to know before I can buy a car like that, I want to use it on the tracks so I can drift and it wont stop it. Will be my first car I own but I have to know everything so it can be perfect its a 170hk 2.2L auto tiptronic. There are no answers on the internet so I have to ask you

is there a way I can drift with it without the car trying to stop it from doing that?

thanks for the answer : )
December 26, 2012.

You should choose another car mate. ESP? The DSC is the traction control for BMW and it can be commanded off by pressing the DSC button

Dr. Hagerty
Dec 29, 2012.