2002 BMW 325i • 130,000 miles

Today I was in a line trying to leave school, when all of a sudden I look and the battery and oil light both turned red and so did the Service Engine Soon light. As I tried to mash the peddle the car refused to move and my steering wheel started resisting and refused to turn. My first reaction was to turn the car off and turn it back on. After I did that it started to work fine all besides the gas peddle resist just a little. Any ideas on what caused my car to do this and do I need to get something fixed?
December 21, 2012.

Have your charging system checked at a place like autozone or advance auto parts (they'll do it for FREE). Also have them to check the belts whic drive the alternator.
Is the service engine light still on?

Dec 21, 2012.
So it stalled and you restarted it, what else?

Dr. Hagerty
Dec 22, 2012.